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Indoor Grow Smart Automation

About Us

Happy Flowers is a technology services StartUp that was born DIGITAL, created by experts and focused on digital automation of indoor grow and digital agriculture.

​Easily adaptable to existing structures or new spaces, our automation control platforms were designed to manage all the variables of your indoor grow: ambient humidity and temperature, lighting cycle and smart irrigation, among others.

Bringing together completely digital technology, Happy Flowers is ready to serve the national and international market for indoor grow automation, either residential grow of medicinal plants, ornamental flowers, mushrooms or vegetables.

Nossa Missão

Our Mission

To provide solutions for the INDOOR GROWING of MEDICINAL, vegetables or ornamental PLANTS, in a FULLY AUTOMATED and CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT, obtaining the best physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the cultivated species, for MEDICINAL PURPOSES, LANDSCAPING and HIGH QUALITY FOOD.

We believe in demystifying and raising public awareness about the advantages of treatment, under medical guidance, with medicinal plants, for prevention and treatment of modern diseases and disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, chronic pain and others.


Our Uniqueness


Smart Automation


Grow data storage


Real time sensoring

Happy Flowers

Grow in any climate conditions


Remote management


Ecological sustainability

Fácil instalação

Easy instalation


Integrated management


Low instalation cost


Easy scalability


Our Solutions

Happy Flowers works as a subscription program. Very similar to your home internet:

1. First you choose which product you need.

2. We sign a digital contract for at least 12 months, with debit from your bank account or credit card.

3. Happy Flowers will send you the device you selected by mail and, by email, your username to access the control platform, installation instructions and the device's unique access code.

4. Simple! You are already part of our Family! The Happy Flowers Family!!

We almost forgot to tell you... If the device breaks due to technical problems or to correct use, you send us the old one, and we send you a New Device

But... if you broke it due to misuse, you already know! You broke it, you pay it! 😉

Come now! I'll show you Our automation solutions!

Nossos parceiros

Our Partners

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